DIGGERGUN and Kabloop

Kabloop (solo-dev)
based in United Kingdom

Release Date
Late Summer, 2023

Target Platforms
Xbox Series S|X




Target Price

DIGGERGUN is an oppressive, 2D, platformer about workers, low wages and the environment.

After arriving on an island off the coast of Cornwall to work as Engineer, you’re quickly put to work in the lithium mines due to the flexibility clause in your contract. With the Cornwall Mining Corporation demanding a £3,000 fee to terminate your employment contract and take you back to the mainland, you’re left with nothing to do but dig.

DIGGERGUN’s world and gameplay is defined by its life-sim system, with the player required to carefully manage their time, energy and minimum wage in order to succeed as they dig through randomly generated mines looking for lithium.

Created by one developer, Kabloop, DIGGERGUN came from a desire to make an indie game about lower-income workers, the increasing cost-of-living crisis and employment law.

Kabloop also wanted to explore an aspect of real-life which hasn’t been covered in a lot of games, that is the getting a paycheck only to see it quickly dwindle away due to taxes, rent and other costs of living.

The hope is to shine a light on those who are struggling through immersive sim-gameplay, based on real-world economics from the United Kingdom.

  • Who you bond with and who you don’t matters in this dark, foreboding world filled with a unique cast of characters from a variety of backgrounds, 
  • Randomly generated dungeons which increase in difficulty as the player continues to dive deeper into the mines,
  • The minimum wage the player receives, and the cost of living in the world, is based on current United Kingdom economics. DIGGERGUN also uses the UK’s tax rates to calculate tax rates on the player’s weekly wage,
  • Day-and-night cycle where the player has to manage their time, energy and money to create a work-life balance. If the player doesn’t, then they will struggle to maintain their health, and the punishment for sick days is losing out on pay.

DIGGERGUN – Publisher Announcement Trailer

DIGGERGUN – Announcement Trailer

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